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DEEPER UNDERGROUND. 7+ places in Riga for the subcultural lovers.

Some 10 years ago there was a house restaurant in Riga where you could go for a stylish feast only by knowing the door code and booking in advance. I also know that in New York there was a book store that worked by the same rules. In fact, Riga was full with underground publishers and book sellers under the Soviet yoke when many writings were illegal to be printed or distributed. So, having parallel lives and subcultures is a thing often observed in larger cities, including Riga. Times change, it's all social media now, news and secrets travel fast, and it's harder to find underground initiatives in every city around the world. Nonetheless, Riga holds many great places that represent an intense aura of the subcultural, super contemporary, art house or underground. We have already covered our famous waterbeyonds (a.k.a. waterfronts very much off the grid) and the lovely and rediscovered Daugavgrīva fortress . But here is a shortlist of places and communities that take a sidest

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