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SOUPINATION. Latvians and their love for soups.

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URBAN PREACHING TO NEWBORNS. A one-year anniversary letter for the future.

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RĪGAS METRS - Pt. 3. The winners of the award in 2018!

BRAVE NEW MAN. On archetypical masculinity and searching for empathy.

VEGAN IS LEGAL. 10+ Hottest Riga's spots for plant-based food lovers. UPDATED 21.03.2023

OF CITRUS AND MEN. Most popular Christmas fruits in Latvia.

AGE OF THE DISAPPOINTMENT. Why the hell are we 40 years too late?

GOLDEN HORSE. A secret beverage as old as the land.

AVOTU KVARTĀLI. How to combine suburbs, subcultures, maps, and a National typeface. UPDATED 14.05.21

WHILE THE POPE'S NOT WATCHING. Blasphemous things to do on the "Papal Holiday".

"S" IS FOR SAUSAGE. The legend of Latvian hot-douge