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POST-PANDEMIC CULTURAL PLANNING. New digital tools for planning culturally after the era of #stayathome.

RIGA METRO ATLAS. A virtual tour along the never built subway.

DOWN WITH TOURISM. The future of travel in the age of disasters.

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.1. A photo story on Tērbatas street.

GREY IS THE COLOUR OF MY TRUE CHRISTMAS DAY. The changing paradigms of winter solstice.

LONG LIVE THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. The world's first sustainable urban Zoo in Helsinki.

DARK IS OUR RESILIENCE. Prejudice and opportunities of preserving living cultural heritage in the north.

ONLY PRACTITIONERS LEFT ALIVE. Interview: thoughts on diversity, intangible, and living cultural heritage.

FLAT NOUVEAU. 10 things that might make your interior truly Rigan.

DON'T GIVE UP. 10 ways to enjoy capitalism in Riga when on hard times. UPDATED 20.10.2019

DRINK THAT DAMN WATER! Why H2O in Riga is much better than you think.

IF WE SURVIVE THIS... Heat, flood, and climate change in Riga.

METRO HAS NO FUTURE, BUT METRO IS THE ANSWER. An essay on a never built undeground.

NOT COOL. On Post-Soviet asshole habits to burning old grass.

OLD TOWN IS NOT FOR OLD PEOPLE! The literal fall of the heart of Riga.

VEGAN IS LEGAL. 10+ Hottest Riga's spots for plant-based food lovers. UPDATED 27.05.2020

AGE OF THE DISAPPOINTMENT. Why the hell are we 40 years too late?

"OUR HOMES ARE US OURSELVES IN OUR HANDS". The true philosophy behind Art Nouveau and National Romanticism in Rīga.