With the advent of Veganuary 2024 and the national plant-based food campaign "Neapēd zemeslodi", we could not miss the opportunity to introduce you with locally produced vegan-friendly products so good everyone in the world ought to know. Here is a list of Latvian plant-based products/companies that have a massive export capacity!

In recent years, a surge of Latvian plant-based product companies has been observed (FYI, we have also made an enormous list of vegan-friendly places with a backstory you can read HERE!). Although many entrepreneurs have been running the bussiness 100% vegan from the start, paradoxically, many of the companies have often been traditionally employed in processing animal products. The main reason - such businesses already have the right equipment, recipes, seasoning and packaging. Also, the fastly growing vegan lifestyle is creating an immence impact on the meat and fish processing industry the most, so - switching to some vegan products can be seen as a clever defense mechanism.

Nonetheless, if you can accept many of such companies (often small bussinesses according to European standards) investing a large portion of time and money into producing healthier, more environmentally friendly and plant-based products, Latvia is your vegan underdog and is doing pretty good at filling in that niche!

So here, in an alphabetical order, are Latvian plant-based products/companies that 1) have a massive export capability and 2) our taste buds truly recommend (the list will be frequently updated!):


  • Atlantika - operating as a large fish and seafood processing plant, Atlantika has also started a great line of vegan "salmon", "caviar", and hummus! Not so great a line of promotional photos though, but this one will do for now!
  • Avenei - launched as a successful plant-based ice cream line, Avenei or "Raspberry" is also now known for their produced prepared frozen pancakes. And, to be honest, the world was really waiting for the pancakes! 100% vegan!

  • Dimdiņi - a decades-old family owned company that produces everything pickled and preboiled. Even when most of their products come as condiments, the quality of most of their items are on a a continental level and convince every vegan to try something (we recommend Virgin Bloody Mary, their trademark - Sauerkraut and juice, and kimchi). 100% vegan!

  • Fermentful - although mainly producing buckwheat kefir (sour milk), the company has created a strong and well marketed alternative to those opposing the dairy kefir while yearning for that little sour something. 100% vegan! 
  • Fish Peas - launched as a separate vegan product line by a fish processing plant Karavela, these pea and wheat products are gifted with uncanny resemblance in consistency, texture and nutrients. Now Fish Peas are probably one of the best tuna, fish spread and other of preserved/processed fish product alternatives across the globe. 100% vegan!

  • Kombucha - once considered the "drink of the poor" in Latvia, the "tea mushroom" has again become a staple food for many around the world in the recent years. The product is also a great alternative to those willing to switch from mainstream sodas and lemonades to something more probiotic and friendlier to your gut. And, since kombucha is vegan and we have tested kombuchas in many countries, we can proudly say - the Latvians know kombucha like no other! Here are only three of many great local producers every vegan should know - Dzīvības dzēriens, Kombucha factory and Rudy's Kombucha. 100% vegan!

  • Lifetree - as the first plant-based creamery in Latvia, Lifetree cheese came as a breakthrough - how can something unrelated to milk taste so "authentic"? Now everyone in the vegan community knows about the "kamamvērts" camembert alternative, their spreads, butter and the famous smoky and spicy cheese. In the Baltic Sea Region region, nothing stands near Lifetree. 100% vegan!

  • Meat Future - with a long history of meat processing, this company has spent the last years trying to create a large separate line of convincing meat food replacements - from burger patties to "beef" jerky (the red burger patty in the picture is vegetarian though).

  • Nata - launched as a cafe and facing challenges during covid-19, Nata made a decision to focus more on crafting plant-based products for sale. Things were looking up, and now their legendary items include "chiviar" or chia seed caviar, soyshlik and carrot salmon. 100% vegan!

  • Smiltene - the first dairy processing company dedicating a whole line (not just an item) to plant based products. As you might guess - they sell traditional cheese and some dairy product alternatives. 

  • Sojšliks - if anyone of you has heard about shashlik (dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat, similar to or synonymous with shish kebab), then "soy shashlik" or "soyshlik" is a must thing to try in Latvia. Almost every vegan cafe and restaurant has served or still serves and produces soyshlik (even some supermarket chains want to catch up e.g. Maxima). And, since soyshlik is an obligatory meal for many vegans especially during the Midsummer or Summer solstice celebration in June, it is that one thing you ought to give a chance in Latvia if you may! 100% vegan!

  • Veggy crush - owned by a vegan friendly cereal company MILZU, Veggy Crush is their line of plant-based meat alternatives - pea patties, lovely dumplings, and more new products a-coming.

  •  V-EGO - one of the early adapters of plant-based foods, this meat processing company offers a wide range of the classics - pea patties, sausages, nuggets and other traditional meat alternatives. Loosing their positions lately but V-EGO still is a company to look for. 100% vegan!


Honourable mentions: Baltais, Faba, Furious foods, Griksi, Spilva.
What else: don't forget about the farmer's market tradition in Riga!