EVENTS IN AUGUST 2019. A useful shortlist

The wave of events is returning after the summer break. Rammstein is sold out, so much art is everywhere again, making it super hard to mention all venues. Finally, due to the city festival, neighbourhoods are vibrating and pulsating from energy like never before. The summer is at its zenith, the temperature is constantly warm (same as the water around Riga) and the evenings are long and heady. There is a reason why august is the most popular month for visitors every year.

capital r riga 2019

When: until 15 September
How much:
"More than 140 Orthodox icons are available for viewing at the exhibition at the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE. Natalia Komashko, the Head Researcher at Moscow’s Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Art and Culture, has described the collection as one of the most extensive and comprehensive private collections of its kind."

Back to the future
capital r riga 2019
When: until 6 October
Where: Careva
How much: free entrance
"Having lived and created in the town of Liepāja during the Soviet times, the most famous postuhumous discovery in Latvia - the non-conformist artist Visvaldis Ziediņš (b.1942 - 2007) worked around the material restraints that he encountered. Often he would make art from found, quotidian materials that had been produced for other uses, yet he managed to express his personal thought and freedom through finding a new purpose for them in his artworks. This material limitation is in stark contrast to the conceptual depth and bravery that can be observed in the art of Ziediņš. [..] This show has been titled “Back to the future” as it looks to this barely known chapter of art in Latvia, linking the past events with the present and possible near future where material limitations might yet again arise."


When: 3 - 4 August
Where: Latvijas Entogrāfiskais brīvdabas muzejs
How much:
"The Contemporary Crafts Festival 2019 at the spacious Ethnographic open-air museum invites craftsmen, who apply a wide variety of methods and materials to both producing goods, showing-off crafts skills and also demonstrating various elements of technology development and modern design. The products represented at the festival must reflect the demand of modern society for unique products and, at the same time, must show alternatives to uniform mass products. This year the festival will gather guest craftsmen from Azerbaijan, China, Estonia, Georgia and Lithuania."


When: 9 August
Where: ANGĀRS @ Tallinas ielas kvartāls
How much: donation based
One of the most prominent alternative IDM and sensitive ambient musician Kashuks is releasing his fifth album along with a screening of his music video. Sometimes called the Latvian Jon Hopkins, Kashuks is an act we will always suggest to listen - live or online.

capital r riga 2019

When: 10 - 24 August
Where: various locations
How much: € - €€€
"The State Choir “Latvija” and its artistic director and principal conductor Māris Sirmais invite listeners to one of the summer’s most anticipated academic music festivals. Concerts of the 22nd International Sacred Music Festival will will highlight French music, organ music and jazz classics as well as continue long-standing festival traditions, such as the concert of new compositions and collaboration with the known Liepāja Symphony Orchestra."


When: 16 - 18 August
Where: across the city
How much: usually free admittance
For three days the city is filled with more than 80 events "bringing festive atmosphere, live music, and plenty of surprises to celebrate its 818th birthday. Events, legends and lifestories of outstanding people are revived in a kaleidoscope of festive events, allowing to learn, feel and experience the rich history of Riga in versatile musical, theatrical, gastronomic and sportive events in the heart of Riga and its neighborhoods. This year the Festival is dedicated to Riga's legends. For example, the streets, churches and ancient buildings of Old Riga carry many different legends and stories - traces of historical events, but a number of legends are also hidden in Riga neighborhoods, lifestories of famous and less known Rigans."


When: 23 August
Where: Lucavsala
How much: free admittance
"Kurbads. The son of mare" was one of the most surprising and also awarded concert events two years ago, when the metal opera's first and only performance was staged telling a story about a famous Latvian folk hero - muscle man. Now they have returned, again featuring one of the most prominent Latvian bands abroad - the folk metallists Skyforger. Whether you like heavy music and deep paganism or not, this is probably a one-time only chance to see this, especially - for free!

capital r riga 2019

When: 24 August
Where: Esplanāde
How much: free admittance
Last year the "Veganfestival"turned out to be the most visited, most diversed and, many say, the tastiest street food event ever in the histroy of Latvia. Back then taking place at the Univeristy Botanical garden, now Veganfest will be located right in the heart of the city - Esplanāde, and most likely will boil from cruelty-free and plant-based foods, drinks, and their lovers. If you happen to be in Riga that time - this is the most "must visit" of the year with dozens of food, cosmetics, and other product providers, lectures, workshops, and more.


When: 30 August
Where: Forum Cinemas
How much: € - €€
"The band Justice has created a unique live performance filmed especially for cinemas. Adapted from the live show "Woman Worldwide", widely considered to be one of the greatest electro concerts ever produced, Iris: A Space Opera by Justice is a totally immersive visual and auditory experience. The only screening of this concert film in Latvia is preceded by a documentary that goes behind the scenes of this extraordinary show."

capital r riga 2019

When: 30 August - 1 September
Where: Lucavsala
How much: free admittance
"The second iNOVUSS creative festival will bringing together a wide range of people, creating a unique opportunity to hear inspirational ideas and stories, engage in discussions and masterclasses, and participate in business workshops. This year the festival will also be held in Lucavsala and will bring together members of innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem and offer an exciting three-day programe."

What else: try out farther beaches or rivers and lakes, when enjoying a swim. You will avoid the mass tourism, will enjoy more privacy, and the water will most likely be cleaner and more serene. You can ask around the locals for suggestions, or try out new horizons yourself. CAPITAL R could suggest a few alternatives, too, but they would be too many, but you can try Kalngale for a lovely forest walk and a resonably unoccupied beach for starters.
Out of Riga:
  • a new large concert hall is opened this month and, alas, not in Riga again. It's concert hall "Latvija" located in Ventspils, and on 1 August it will host a magnificent, unique event - Steve Reich's masterpiece "Six Pianos". Although without Reich himself it will be performed by a top notch crowd - Gregor Schwellenbach, John Kameel Farah, Daniel Brandt, Paul Frick, Erol Sarp, Kai Schumacher!
  • one of the most important adventurous and artistic academic festivals in Latvia is Sansusī taking place from 9 - 11 August some two-hours drive from Riga in Aknīste vicinity. Located in beautiful surroundings and always visited by the "right crowd" Sansusī definitelly justifies its true purpose - life with no worries (Sanssouci).