10 EVENTS IN RIGA IN JULY 2022. A useful shortlist.

With a heatwave hitting Riga already in June, July 2022 looks to be a great month for outdoor and nightlife events loaded with local acts! We continue our event shortlist series this July with an almost exclusive suggestion roll of musical performances - from underground rockers to renowned international music festivals all taking place in Riga!

When: 9 July
How much: free admittance
Nova Koma is a very good sounding local garage rock band "that has been performing, publishing albums and concert recordings since 2015. Actively plays not only in bars, clubs and festivals, but also in award ceremonies, weddings and bookstores. Inspired by funk, blues and punk, "Nova Koma" adds its particular melodic approach and plays each concert energetically, proudly and with joy."
When: 9 July
How much: 15 - 25 EUR
"A virtuoso, an Ethiopian legend, instrumentalist, accordion player with more than 60 years of experience on stage, Hailu Mergia's music has been recognized and appreciated by international press, like New York Times, BBC and Pitchfork, describing his music as “triumphantly in the present”. His career started in 1960s in Addis Ababa, in the 1970s he was in his golden age of dance music bands. While in the 1990s he moved to the U.S., where he was probably the most talented taxi driver. He was playing keyboard instruments while waiting for his passengers at the airport. And now Hailu Mergia is returning with his classic hits that draw attention to the role of his talent in Ethiopian music history. He has returned on stage and playing for big and small audiences."

When: 10 July
How much: free admittance
The local "nature and blues driven psychedelic rock / indie quartet characterized by dreamy guitars and wavy vocals" will have its first listening of their new EP. "All the members of the band have been involved in the music scene of Riga from their early teens and playing in various bands before founding The Bad Tones. In this ensemble they’ve found their unique sound by mixing skills crafted through classic rock and blues standards with the song writing approach of modern, independent music."
When: 14 July
Where: NOASS
How much: free admittance
""Pamirt" was originally started as a solo project of the former heavy music group "ocularis infernum" and the group "eschatos" vocalist Kristiāna Kārliņa. Working on her first recording, she was accompanied by guitar, bass and drums. The group's debut album "Mausoleum" was nominated for the Latvian Music of the Year Award "Golden Microphone 2021" in the category of alternative and experimental music albums."
When: 15 - 16 July
Where: Lucavsala
How much: 49 - 249 EUR
After a 2 year Covid-19 hiatus, the biggest music festival in the Baltics, Positivus, finally reopens. However now it has moved to Riga, also becoming the biggest event in the capital this year. With A$AP ROCKY, MEGAN THEE STALLION, JAMIE XX, CARIBOU, THUNDERCAT, SOFAYGO, YVES TUMOR & ITS BAND and more international and local acts, this happens to be an impressive lineup not to miss.
(Atipic, RO)
When: 15 July
Where: ONE ONE
How much: free admittance
"Direkt is one of the hottest underground minimal producers in the current scene. He is a member of such labels as Atipic, UVAR and Botanic minds, and his dark, rolling grooves have been heard in a miriad of festivals and venues across the world. Expect modular percussion grooves, evolving atmospheres and killer basslines.
The night will be diversified by our Lithuanian friends Pucini & Phunk from -1, who are known for organizing countless festivals and parties in Lithuania. Having explored a wide range of musical genres, they have settled on fine underground house. In addition to the line-up, two local heroes will be joining the bunch - the founder of Micronica - D I N, and our very own - Adroit, who will help glueing the already diverse night in room 1 with a selection of solid grooves ridden with rich textures and trippy percussion.
Meanwhile, the room 2 in upstairs will be taken over by the “Home Radio”, comprised of Bombey and Contour, who will be playing an exquisite selection of vinyl throughout the night."
When: 16 July
Where: Ādmiņu 4
How much: 5 EUR
After a long break, the underground place for experimental and heavy music at Ādmiņu street will open its door to host three very different yet similar and impressive local acts from noise to postmetal.

When: 21 July
How much: free admittance
""So lucid electric feel" performs a mix of rock, blues and psychedelia. The group has been around since 2015 and at the concert will perform from their newly released second album "Social Mindscream". You can definitely expect energy, strength and a good time!"

When: 22 July
Where: NOASS
How much: 8 - 15 EUR
"The Orange Holidays" is a legendary Latvian turbofolk group that combines elements of ska, reggae, metal, rock, disco and folk music. Many of the group's songs have already become anthems of a generation whose words are known by heart."

When: 27 July
Where: NOASS
How much: 5 - 8 EUR
Aston Kais is a progressive band from the always windy and sometimes sunny Liepaja, consisting of eight friends and multi-instrumentalists who previously played under the name 'Grupa Harijs'. Maintaining a penchant for polyrhythms and unconventional beats inspired by such as Rush, Hawkwind, Mahavishnu Orchestra, un pat modernā King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Aston Kais tries to conjure up the same excitement and intrigue on the album modus operandi.