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LIFE ON MARS. National security over a historical landscape: a chronology of the Marsa park saga. UPDATED. 31.09.2020.

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.3. A photo story on Blaumaņa street.

EVENTS IN RIGA IN FEBRUARY, 2020. A useful shortlist.

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.2. A photo story on Riga Street Food Festival and Kaļku street.

LEARN TO FLY. Riga in the news then and now. Pt.1 - The Spilve airport

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.1. A photo story on Tērbatas street.

GREY IS THE COLOUR OF MY TRUE CHRISTMAS DAY. The changing paradigms of winter solstice.

EVENTS IN DECEMBER, 2019. A useful shortlist.

EVENTS IN NOVEMBER, 2019. A useful shortlist. UPDATED 06.11.2019

FLAT NOUVEAU. 10 things that might make your interior truly Rigan.

HARVEST MOON. The rise, fall, and rise of Rīga's food markets. UPDATED 09.10.2023.

EVENTS IN SEPTEMBER 2019. A useful shortlist.

URBAN PREACHING TO NEWBORNS. A one-year anniversary letter for the future.

METRO HAS NO FUTURE, BUT METRO IS THE ANSWER. An essay on a never built undeground.

PARKS AND RECREATION. The past, present and future of the Victory day curse in Riga.

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS. Riga's vinyl culture then and now, and its TOP 7 record stores. UPDATED 16.03.2022.

GRIEVING OUTSIDER. How to commemorate an absent deportation trauma.

BRAVE NEW MAN. On archetypical masculinity and searching for empathy.

VEGAN IS LEGAL. 10+ Hottest Riga's spots for plant-based food lovers. UPDATED 21.03.2023

AGE OF THE DISAPPOINTMENT. Why the hell are we 40 years too late?