EVENTS IN RIGA IN FEBRUARY, 2020. A useful shortlist.

In order to be lucky, one was destined to dance with the Death impersonator during the Latvian new year Meteņi. Time passes, smaller new year's carnivals are still on around the city, and there are more dance events we could publish this month. Is there anything else this February? Here we return with a useful shortlist for what to do in Riga apart of deep night life.

Frančeska Kirke
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 When: until 16 February
Where: Rīgas Birža
How much: € 0.50 - 3.50
"The project is a dialogue between the artefacts in the exposition of Art Museum RIGA BOURSE and artist Frančeska Kirke’s creations. The exhibition is about reverence in relation to the spirit of a museum as an unchanging, constant and eternal unit.
"Visually, and in terms of their content, I would like to compare the creative principles of my exhibition works with the concept of ‘palimpsest’. I want to place certain facts from recent world history to contrast with the hermeticism of the museum using he most suitable form of visual expression," comments the artist.”

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When: until 23 February
Where: LNMM exhibition hall "Arsenāls"
How much:  € 0.50 - 3.50
"Unexpected Encounters" addresses the impact of science fiction on the Latvian cultural space in the second half of the 20th century, and includes works by contemporary artists highlighting current issues such as feminism, ecology and politics, all imagining alternative futures. Project’s title is derived from a collection of short stories of the same name (“Неназначенные встречи”, 1980) by the Soviet science fiction writers the Strugatsky brothers (behind the famous "Stalker)."

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When: until 4 April
Where: ISSP Gallery
How much: free admittance
"The exhibition is a homage to the most popular residency conversation starter and a rumination on the process of being a residency artist in a new city, an outsider looking in. Set up as the residency apartment turned upside down, it features works of six artists, created during their time at the ISSP Riga Residency. They are Katya Anokhina (RU), Kenneth David Bamberg (Öland / FI), Josefina Malmegård (SE), Hiro Tanaka (JP), Demelza Watts (GB), Filippo Zambon (IT/FI)."

Pedro Eustache & Sinfonietta Rīga
capital r, capital riga, latvia

When: 4 February
Where: Hanzas Perons
How much: € 18.00 - 25.00
"Multi-directional solo flutist & woodwinds player Pedro Eustache & conductor Normunds Šnē will première Platon Buravicky's newly commissioned piece ‘’Future Follows Us’’. In his artistic and professional path of more than 40 years, Pedro Eustache has contributed as the lead woodwinds player for the original scores of movies like American Gangster, Inception, Spartacus, Madagascar, The Lion King, and The Dark Knight among others. In the second part of the concert Eustache, Buravicky and Multilux will perform an improvisation on synthesisers and a diverse array of woodwind instruments." 

Atis Jākobsons - Līva Rutmane
capital r, capital riga, latvia
When: 5 February - 29 March
Where: Kim?
How much: free - € 3.00
Two new age giants of contemporary art are having a shared solo exhibition at the Kim? contemporary art space. "Atis Jākobsons focuses on the grid as an invisible but present structure that twists phenomena (as well as ideas and gestures). In his exhibition, Jākobsons is using a variety of techniques to create a multi-faceted composition.
As Kaspars Groševs, curator of kim?, comments poetically the work of Līva Rutmane: "Needle in a haystack. That’s how Google translates it. It’s somewhere beyond reach, floating in the air at night. It’s a well-kept mechanism, bound to grind its maintainer. I talk to Līva’s music more often than with herself, I talk with wood chips. It’s almost saut dans le vide, except the void is still shaping up and growing, living as bacteria on a white cube’s concrete floor. For now, let’s hide."

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When: 7 February
Where: Trompete Taproom
How much: free admittance (For reservations, please, call +371 25745299)
"The Blues Gang is a Latvian Blues & Blues Rock band, consisting of Dim Tararin (guitar, vocal), Aivars Meijers (bass, vocals) and Olafs Čanga (drums). One of the first concerts of the band was in the music and art festival "Pictures" in the autumn of 2003. Since then, the band has performed at several clubs and festivals both in Latvia and abroad, and in 2009 the musicians released their own CD album entitled "Mojo train"".

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When: 7 February
Where: Latvijas Mākslas Akadēmija
How much: € 10.00 - 30.00
Probably only communicating in Latvian for a reason, the legendary 82nd annual carnival of The Art Academy of Latvia is again taking place to celebrate the darkness receding, bohemia returning and Latvian new year beginning! Ask your local friends about options to attend, dress utopian - dystopian, and prepare to be a part of an artistic, yet also slightly macabre night!


When: 10 - 16 February
Where: KKC Cinema & K.Suns
How much: € 3.50 - 5.00
"Since the beginning of 1996, 2ANNAS has become one of the most important short film festivals in the Baltic states (if not further). 2ANNAS are looking for films that break the technical and artistic boundaries of film-making, as well as talk about topical, provocative and often painful topics." Looking at the programme, it seems that there will be way too much to see this year!

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When: 15 - 16 February
Where: Ķīpsala International Exhibition centre
How much: € 17.00 - 144.00
HyperTown is an Urban & Esports Festival, and among technology demonstrations, robots and simulators between Cosplay and Baltics eSports leagues finals, there will be loads of activities covering several thousands of square meters - local influencers providing content creation workshops, street dance master-classes (including dancers from Ghetto Dance Academy), make-up showcases, henna tattoo, K-POP and Silent disco, Lazertag, drift and rally simulators, and more. The youngest ones will be able to join Amusement Park “Avārijas brigade” attractions. Both days an open Fortnite and Keyforge tournament will take place. Esports teams will fight for trophy and will share amongst the winners 10 000 Euro."

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When: 28 February
Where: Arēna Riga
How much: € 39.00 - 79.20
It seemed like a joke from the beginning, but now it seems someone nurtured this idea of a band so famous still 15 years ago so badly - it came true. Believe it or not, it is now cool to listen to stuff coming out from the 90's, and Limp Bizkit is a true band of the turn of the millennium. No further comments, it's funny, but it's true.