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HOUSEHOLD NOMAD. Coronavirus diaries by an armchair traveller.

"WHITE BELLS". The poetic documentary and virtual tours about Riga 60 years apart. UPDATED 14.04.2020.

LIFE ON MARS. National security over a historical landscape: a chronology of the Marsa park saga. UPDATED. 31.09.2020.

THINGS WITH FACES. Latvian new year and masking celebration in Art Nouveau style.

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.3. A photo story on Blaumaņa street.

TEN YEARS CHALLENGE. Reliving the last decade in Riga.

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.2. A photo story on Riga Street Food Festival and Kaļku street.

LEARN TO FLY. Riga in the news then and now. Pt.1 - The Spilve airport

CAPITAL CHRONICLE Pt.1. A photo story on Tērbatas street.

EVENTS IN NOVEMBER, 2019. A useful shortlist. UPDATED 06.11.2019

FLAT NOUVEAU. 10 things that might make your interior truly Rigan.

MALKA. How does the coldness smell in Riga?

HARVEST MOON. The rise, fall, and rise of Rīga's food markets. UPDATED 09.10.2023.

EVENTS IN JUNE 2019. A useful shortlist.

METRO HAS NO FUTURE, BUT METRO IS THE ANSWER. An essay on a never built undeground.

A CITY OF MINDFULNESS. On best locations for meditation in Riga.

PARKS AND RECREATION. The past, present and future of the Victory day curse in Riga.

RĪGAS METRS - Pt. 3. The winners of the award in 2018!

RĪGAS METRS - Pt.2. Hopes and expectations of awarding a second year.

RĪGAS METRS - Pt.1. The rise of the first and last urban award in Riga.