EVENTS IN JUNE 2019. A useful shortlist.

The nights are getting the shortest around this time, and it brings people out on streets. Rigans, similarly to many other people at this longitude or higher, have the luxury of daylight being up and running as long as close to midnight. Here are only a few events this June for "nightlife" that theoretically will begin at daytime.

Nao Bustamante + Michael Fliri
capital r riga

When: until 1 June
Where: Autentika
How much: free admittance
A set of performances called "No New Idols" are a part of the "Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2020" programme. Scattered across the city, the events will take place until 1 June when two acts by Nao Bustamante and Michael Fliri.

capital r riga 2019

When: until 21 June
Where: various venues
How much: € - €€€
"The festival provides excellent concert performances of the most prominent academic musicians both from Latvia and abroad, as well as ballet productions, world premières, multimedia events, open air performances and activities for children."

capital r riga

When: 1 - 2 June
Where: Ķīpsala International Exhibition Center
How much: €€ - €€€€€+
Hypertown RIX is a "Variety of entertainment for everyone - eSports, Cosplay, Technology expo, Virtual reality, Simulators, Consoles and, for the first time ever, we are inviting enthusiasts to participate in the biggest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event in the Baltics!"

capital r riga

When: 3 - 28 June
Where: Former faculty of Biology
How much: free admittance
"“Fresh meat for critique” offers a brand new format of exhibiting - for the first time in the history of The Art Academy of Latvia, the public will be able to see works from every single department of the Academy. 160 pieces by Bachelor and Masters degree graduates will be introduced to wider audiences for the first time, making it the largest exhibition of emerging artists' work in Latvian history."

opening party
capital r riga

When: 4 June
Where: Bruņinieku 14
How much: free admittance
"A Latvian artist Inga Meldere’s work “Brownie from Bruņinieku Street”, along with the other neighbourhood-engaging activities, will introduce the microRIBOCA, the inter-season programme of RIBOCA. [..] It has been developed to foster a feeling of belonging to a particular place among Rigans and to free their creative potential that is present in everyday life in the public space of the city. It will offer interdisciplinary public art projects, urban exploration walks, and educational master classes, providing Rigans with instruments of social involvement useful for urban revitalization."

capital r riga

When: 7 June
Where: Noliktava No.3
How much: €€
"Mast Ace is born and raised in Brooklyn, starting 30 years ago as a part of the Juice Crew association. The Rolling Stone, referring to his skill, puts Masta in one category with names such as Rakim, KRS ONE, Big Daddy Kane, etc. Eminem writes about Masta Ace as one of his sources of inspiration, especially highlighting his Storytelling. Masta's performance is not only a musical act, it is also a historical lesson. Marco Polo is a Canadian based in New York since the early 2000s and until now has collaborated with performers such as Talib Kweli, O.C, Dj Premier, Sean Price, Artifacts, etc."

capital r riga

When: 7 - 11 June
Where: various locations
How much: €
"The festival "Time to dance" started in 1998 as evenings of contemporary dance performances by Latvian choreographers. Over the years, it has managed to become the largest contemporary dance event in Latvia and has attracted a lot of interest from both professionals and the audience. This is proven by the range of countries that have been represented in the festival in the previous years – so far, “Laiks Dejot” has hosted artists from more than 30 different states from Europe, Asia, Northern and Southern America."

capital r riga
When: 13 June
Where: Nemiers
How much: free admittance
"Aristīds" has been a very active crew on organizing female- and LGBT-friendly activities and nightlife for people in Riga, yet not that many (if only few) have been "female only". This bar/drinking/chatting/maybe dancing event is described very shortly as the first event of FEMME FEMME cycle for "Women-girls-trans-non-binary-drag-only". And we respect that.

Dirty Things: CITY FEST
capital r riga

When: 15 June
Where: Autentika
How much: free - €
When the organizers of "this summer's hottest party" posted a poll on their event asking "what Riga wants to hear?", it resulted into people voting for "bass / drum n bass / jump up / trap / rap / 808beats / house / techno". If you fancy at least 3 of these genres - this is a perfect event for you! The line-up will be updated.

capital r riga

When: 23 June (also 21 June)
Where: everywhere
How much: mostly free
If there is an event as great as a nation in Latvia, it, for sure, is the Midsummer's night, or the Summer solstice, or the Līgo or Jāņi. Celebrated at 21 June long time ago and even today by few (following the astronomical calendar), the event has evolved into a mass happening enjoyed nationally during 23 - 24 June. Literally half of the country is gone to the forest, countryside, by lakes, the sea, among friends or family, or people we call friends and family. What presumably might happen during Christmas as build by Hollywood, takes place during Midsummer in Latvia - mass events, small events, strong repetitive traditions, but, most of all, the god is fire and nature like at the dawn of time.