10 EVENTS IN RIGA IN SEPTEMBER 2021. A useful shortlist.

The boys and girls are back in town as the new study year begins. So are the coolest events, but, hopefully, not the pandemic. Here are great activities for the boys and girls, and others in Riga. We also point out the colour codes for events regarding the epidemiological situation : green means only vaccinated people or who have had covid in the past 6 months (certificate+ID must be shown) can attend; yellow - everyone above as well as people with negative tests within the last 48 hrs (requires masks). However, the green events become the new normal now, so be prepared.


When: 2 September - 1 October
How much: free admission
Covid-19 colour code: NONE
"The exhibition challenges the viewers to question not only the exhibition's authenticity, but also the actual links between the exhibited artworks, scenography, the curatorial concept and curator herself, not to mention the building (meaning its institutional aim) where the exhibition is hosted. While we are living in the times of fake news, social media, post-truth and distrust in science we do seem to question and doubt everything quite often. What is the difference between a scientific fact and a pseudoscientific one?"


When: 3 - 9 September
Where: Splendid Palace
How much: 5,5 - 8 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
"Due to the pandemic the shows of the spring IDFF Artdocfest/Riga were available only for certain groups of viewers. For other film lovers, screenings of the two competition programs of the first international documentary film festival in Latvia are planned in September. The organizers of the festival are planning to invite the authors of the competition films to Riga to meet with the audience."


When: 3 September - 3 October
Where: various locations
How much: various prices
Covid-19 colour code: MIXED
"For the 12th year in a row, the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art is organising the international art festival Survival Kit. This year it will be in a different format. Instead of visiting empty and abandoned buildings, visitors will be invited to go to Riga’s memorial museums. The selection of the festival venues will also help to reveal its theme, drawing attention to individual stories in the context of collective memory, questions about the ageing of society and the infrastructures of care."


When: 4 - 5 September
Where: Ethnographic Open-Air museum of Latvia
How much: 1,4 - 4 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: MIXED
"This will be the largest market for Latvian craftsmen and home food producers in the last two years. [..] There will be an "Ancient Settlement", where you can see and buy reconstructions and replicas of archeological excavations, and there will also be the best masters from the Latvian Folk Applied Art Fair. Among the more than 200 participants will be almost 20 potters, 30 jewelers and jewelers, more than 70 craftsmen will offer textiles, felt and silk products, as well as gorgeous knits and crochet. There will be wood and toy masters, weavers, blacksmiths and glaziers. I would especially like to emphasize the works of contemporary artists and designers whose brands are already known outside Latvia ”- says one of the market organizers, Inga Siliņa."

When: 4 September
Where: various locations
How much: free admission
Covid-19 colour code: mixed, mostly GREEN
For the 16th year, the contemporary culture forum "White Night" will be offering dozens of art, urban and culture events during the evening and night of 4 September. The "White Night" has become an essential part of Riga’s cultural calendar, include art pieces, concerts, installations and performances in urban environment, exhibitions, multimedia projects, poetry readings and movie programmes.
Also private initiatives will add up to the programme organised by art galleries, cafés, art and culture studies and other active inhabitants of Riga.
The White Night (Nuit Blanche) tradition was started in 2002 in Paris and it spread like a positive pandemic to Brussels, Rome and Madrid, with Riga as one of the early adopters, too. Sadly, this year the programme only offers Latvian translation :(
film screenings

When: 7 - 12 September
Where: K.Suns and online
How much: free admission
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
Every year, the BSD gathers over 100 professional filmmakers from the Baltic Sea region, as well as from Eastern and Central Europe. Participating in the forum is an invaluable way for filmmakers to find funding for the production of their projects and to further ensure that their films reach a wide audience across Europe. The forum is held in English and participation is free of charge.
In addition to the public pitching session, the forum holds preparatory workshop and seminars that is open to not just BSD participants, but also to students and representatives of the Latvian film scene. Apart from the professional activities, a programme of the highest quality documentaries is offered to the general public in Riga and the largest Latvian cities.

Circus troupe "Bestia"

When: 8 September
Where: K.Suns and online
How much: free admission
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN and YELLOW
"Lifelong friends from the streets of Bogotá, [..] the artists of SOMOS talk about their childhood and shared memories. They play, push and tease each other, with gentle humanity. Only supported by impactful soundtrack and lighting, the six friends with a good sense of humour, communicate the power of their story and the beauty of togetherness, against all odds.
We live in a divided world where each of us tries to affirm or even claim an identity, to justify our existence. A world where the word «freedom» does not mean the same thing, depending on whether we are born in Paris, Kabul or Bogota.
Acrobats question in a very physical and frontal way our relationship with others: trust, complementarity and metaphorically, the question of coexistence. The acrobat’s first language is based on the body and on choreographic gestures."


When: 8 - 18 September
Where: various locations
How much: free  - 15 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: mixed, mostly GREEN
One of the most celebrated and waited event in September is back again! "In our 26th year of existence, we want to speak clearly about the uncertainty in the various fields of ideas – artistic and social, personal and shared, ecological and biological. We want to build the festival’s program even more closely with the viewer, allowing us to imagine a future and a society where we notice, value each other and where collective joy is always present and alive."

Cities in Flow

When: 15 - 17 September
Where: Dzīves kvalitātes dizaina institūts
How much: free admission (registration required)
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
"On the 3rd and final UrbCulturalPlanning conference, the central question is: How can cultural planning translate into innovative strategies? The event will review and challenge the UrbCulturalPlanning activities through its 2,5-year course, and will look at the future beyond the project – challenging and designing the programmes of cultural planning in the Baltic Sea Region."


When: 17 September
Where: NOASS
How much: 5 - 7 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
One of our most frequent residents in shortlists, TESA, is three-piece band mostly associated with post-metal and experimental metal genre. A band that has become one of the most successful of its kind not only in Latvia but also abroad.