10 EVENTS IN RIGA IN AUGUST 2021. A useful shortlist.

It's been almost a year since our last event shortlist. Slowly and cautiously, with special rules for the unvaccinated, the events are back! Here is our long awaited list with 10 great things to visit for a cultural interaction in August with few details about the admittance restrictions: green event - only vaccinated people or who have had covid in the past 6 months (certificate+ID must be shown); yellow event - everyone above as well as people with negative tests within the last 48 hrs (requires masks).

When: until 7 August
Where: various locations+online
How much: free - 8 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: VARIOUS
"Baltic Pride takes place in one of the three Baltic countries and this year it returns to Riga as an epic human rights event supporting diversity across all community groups. The main theme of Baltic Pride this year is equality and the creation of an inclusive society.
Baltic Pride will offer a wide variety of events, from female stand-up shows and famous Latvian comedian “roasts” about the latest events in politics and society to in-depth discussions and afterparty."

When: until 8 August
How much: 0,5 - 7 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: NONE (masks, hand disinfection and distancing)
"The Purvītis Prize is the most prestigious and the most substantial visual art award in Latvia. Founded in January 2008, the Purvītis Prize was launched to amass regular and systematic information about the latest visual arts events in Latvia, promote development of new projects and original ideas, acknowledge the best achievements in Latvian professional visual arts and popularise the success of Latvian artists both in Latvia and abroad. The award is named after the Old Master of Latvian painting Vilhelms Purvītis (1872–1945). He was an outstanding artist and art professor who won critical acclaim both at home and internationally.
The SEVENTH Purvītis Prize exhibition is a vivid composition of paintings, installations, porcelain, and video art created by eight artists and groups of authors nominated by independent experts for the Purvītis Prize for outstanding achievement in visual art of Latvia in 2019 and 2020. The nominees are a total of 18 artists / groups -  Skuja Braden, Valdis Celms, Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, Kaspars Groševs, Ieva Kraule-Kūna and Elīna Vītola, Rasa and Raitis Šmits, Aija Zariņa, Amanda Ziemele."

When: 6 August
Where: Balodis
How much: donation based
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
One of the most prominent and talented indie musicians in Latvia, Juris will play his long awaited acoustic concert this month. His last solo albums "How to cope with your insignificance" from 2016 was one of the most praised around the alternative music crowds, and we hope most of this as well as some new material will be played!

When: 11 August
How much: 5 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
Alejas are one of the most emerging experimental electronic and poetry crews in the contemporary Latvia. They just issued their second album, the lyrics are in Latvian, but don't let that fool you.

Latvian Electronic music Showcase
When: 11 August
How much: 10 - 15 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
"CULTURE TRUCKING is a tour through six Northern European countries, created by the legendary Berlin nightclub Sisypos. At the epicenter of the tour is a TRUCK that has been transformed into a multifunctional stage. From July 23 to August 28 this truck will visit 8 European cities - Cologne, Berlin, Świdwin, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and - yes, from 9 to 11 August, also Riga. CULTURE TRUCKING will provide an opportunity to hear and get to know the best of Riga's electronic music scene, as the truck will be accompanied by a professional documentary crew, the tour and concerts will be broadcasted live and a documentary of each visited city will be created after the tour."
Riga's line-up: Evija Vēbere, TRASHY KID, AUSMA, SYMBIONICA, Platons Buravickis, OTHALA, KODEK, Radiotehnika, and more.

When: 12 August
How much: free admittance
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
"Pianist Reinis Zariņš, a four-time Latvian Grand Music Prize winner, will replace his usual stage of the concert hall with the gardens of the Sports Palace to give an open-air solo concert. The programme, specially designed for this event, will consist of piano works by Brahms and Glass, the co-arrangement of which, in Reinis opinion, "perfectly reflects the range of feelings that these urban gardens are able to unleash in a person.
The concert will be broadcast via speakers simultaneously in three parks in Riga: Strazdmuiža Park, Arkadijas Park and Viesturdārzs."

When: 18 - 22 August
Where: various locations
How much: 6- 35 EUR (all day pass)
Covid-19 colour code: YELLOW
"Experimental international film festival “Process” is dedicated to analog and experimental film and is the first of a kind in The Baltic region. For the fourth time, it will provide five days of film screenings, expanded cinema performances, lectures, discussions as well as a two day expanded cinema workshop happening during the weekend before the festival on August 14-15.
This year, the overall theme of the festival is "End Of The World", reflecting both on different kinds of loss and the possibility of something new. Along with special focused programmes and events, the festival has three non-competitive short film programmes open to everyone working with analog film in any kind of unconventional way to submit their work related to this year's theme."

When: 19 August
How much: 19 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
With his latest, one of the most awarded and praised rap albums in Latvia of all times, ansis will break the silence and again perform to the audiences this August. "He has gained the recognition of music critics (two-time winner of the “Golden Microphone”, nominee of the “Austrian Prize”) and has managed to maintain an increasingly important role in the Latvian rap scene as one of the lyrically and technically strongest rappers in the country." He will be accompanied by a great line-up of local beatmakers, so let the language barriers be no issue here.

When: 23 - 25 August
How much: free admittance
Covid-19 colour code: NONE (masks, hand disinfection and distancing)
"Re Riga! is an international contemporary circus and street art festival taking place annually in August since 2013. It aims too activate cultural processes in Riga by making the city a positively charged, creative, adventurous and socially attractive environment; to introduce contemporary circus to Latvia and to strengthen its development in Baltic." This year it will take place open-air at the temporary premises of Riga Circus.

When: 26 - 28 August
Where: Zuzeum
How much: 7,5 - 15 EUR
Covid-19 colour code: GREEN
"Following the last year’s summer concerts tradition, the State Chamber Orchestra Sinfonietta Rīga, in a new collaboration with Zuzeum Art Centre, invites to a series of chamber music concerts in the very heart of Riga. Each hour-long concert programme includes music from various eras and styles, looking for points of intersection and exploring the communicative potential of music born from different historical paradigms - Schubert, Holmboe, Mozart, Brahms, Milhaud, Saint-Saëns, Connesson, Reich, Barber, Glass, Čudars."

NB: take the covid-19 colour codes and restrictions set by the organizers of events seriously and respect them, thus we will fight the calamity all together.
Out of Riga: Check out the Cēsis art festival and a follow-up event "Fieldworks" and visit the amazing Sansusī festival for adventurous music and performances. For a wild art installation park, check out "Savvaļa" and some electronic music by the beach - check out Pantha du Prince.