WINDOWS IN RIGA, 2020. A useful shortlist of TOP 6 street level exhibitions.

Window-shopping has gained a new meaning this spring. When many galleries, museums, concert halls, and cultural spaces are waiting, desperate, out of ideas, or stuck in the past during lockdown, many contemporary artists use the best display of their works there is now in a limited city. 2020 has faced the returning of window exhibitions, and here is our return to EVENTS SHORTLIST with a different selection of the best there is.

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Not that exhibitions on display in windows is anything new. Many have been around Riga, whether static or performative, becoming popular particularly last year. Yet this spring of the coronavirus restrictions has brought many new taking place simultaneously for us to actually being able to compile the whole assortment in one solid article.

Who knows, maybe this wave of public art will finally bring Riga to senses. After all, there is so much unused space out there in the city for exhibitions, performances, installations, and, finally, the long awaited wall murals.

If the weather seems too rough for a day trip outside the city or if there's one or two hours for a relaxing, yet purposeful bike ride or walk, we hope this WINDOW SHORTLIST will give you the best sensations while physically distancing in Riga. Let's not fall into decay because some places got closed, and let's bring distanced, yet people on the streets!

Red Glitchair Show
capital r, capital riga, martins engelis, coronavirus, postpandemic, latvia

When: see while it lasts
Where: Avotu iela 46a
How much: free
Prominent, provocative and professional enough to be called the Latvian Banksy, SOME1 is possibly the most exciting thing that could happen with urban installation art in and from Riga. Been around since as early as 2008, he has managed to surprise, astound and also annoy many people in the city, and this window exhibition is possibly his most eligible piece of work. The exhibition has been on display since late February and has postponed its dismantle for two months already. If you want to see these pure looking chairs, we suggest to do it as fast as possible since the day of closure is unclear. We suggest visiting the address in the evening or at night for a greater view.

capital r, capital riga, martins engelis, coronavirus, postpandemic, latvia

When: until 29 May (extended)
Where: Tērbatas 48
How much: free
""Followers" is the first part of a photographic project by Linda Klētniece, exploring society in the digital age. In these images, a user of digital devices is relatively opposed to the man of Renaissance and the Baroque era who, in turn, spent dark evenings in the glow of warm candlelight." Masterfully, she combines the atmosphere and method of the past to reflect on "our new source to rely on" instead of a new religion or god.

capital r, capital riga, martins engelis, coronavirus, postpandemic, latvia

When: until 7 June
Where: LOOK! Galerija
How much: free
Inviting 5 current generation artists of the Latvian scene, gallery LOOK! will present their art pieces for 5 consecutive weeks. Starting with one of the loudest names in the latest generation of local artists, Miķelis Mūrnieks, it continued with exhibitions by Madara Kvēpa, Otto Zitmanis, and Jānis Šneiders.

Like in a dream
Rīgas Mazākā galerija, capital r, capital riga, martins engelis, coronavirus, postpandemic, latvia

When: until 1 July
Where: Rīgas Mazākā galerija
How much: free
"Riga's smalles gallery" has been around for a while now, probably being the first to mark a new era of window exhibitions. Open since February, 2019 already, this single-window gallery has brought to us one of the most prominent selection of Latvian new age artists.

Juris Rozenbergs, Riga Photomonth, window exhibitions riga, riga, capital r

When: until 17 July
Where: ALMA Gallery
How much: free
Toms Harjo is one of the most known emerging artists among the latest generation photographers in Latvia that, turns out, is also studying acting! His latest photo series "Prospects" will be displayed at a gallery that, despite being a room, is practically a huge window box. So it counts! The series will focus on human beings driven and surrounded by their desires, minds (or madness), and wast environments, giving a perspective on us from some place higher than our ego.

Celebrate your freedom - Create and do!
capital r, capital riga, martins engelis, coronavirus, postpandemic, latvia

When: until 30 November
Where: Pils ielā 21
How much: free
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Restoration of Latvian Independence on 4 May, Latvian Institute, in collaboration with Voldemārs Tone foundation and Art Academy of Latvia, has organized a mini exhibition by two art students - Agate Bernāne and Ance Vilnīte who were the winners of a competition for the space. Technically, this is not a window exhibition, but door boxes count too.