EVENTS IN RIGA IN MARCH, 2020. A useful shortlist. updated 13.03.2020

When the world's theatre is taken over by a performance of an average virus, no one's sure if any event can compete with our overrated attention paid to it. Thankfully, there are much better events in Riga already this March. Here are 10 of them.

capital r, riga, 2020

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eriks caune, look gallery, capital r, riga, 2020

When: until 14 March
Where: LOOK! gallery
How much: free admittance
"Exhibition of Erik's carefully selected and easily interpreted memes. The artist believes that memes are a phenomenal Internet creature that almost every user has come across. Some people don't care about them, some like them, some dislike them, Erik really loves them. Shared joy is a greater joy!"

(closed until 14 April) 
latvian national library, capital r, riga, orbita, 2020

When: until 26 April
Where: National Library of Latvia
How much: free admittance
"The local "Orbita" text group has utilized, in an inverted manner, factors that endanger the collection of the Library – such as moisture, mildew, mechanical wear, light, and processes destroying modern storage media – to experimentally degrade objects from 2020. How will a poet's manuscript be preserved in the digital age and what do 21st century graphics' and ephemera collections contain? Which of the objects created today will stand the test of time and remain relevant in the long term, which ones will become obsolete or irrelevant? There are no answers to these questions, but they can be the basis for an engaging dialogue."

nadja, aidan baker, capital r, riga, concert, 2020

When: 6 March
Where: Ādmiņu 4
How much: € 10.00 - 15.00
"The Canadian duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff returns to Riga! Nadja began in 2003 as a solo project for Baker to explore the heavier/noisier side of his experimental/ambient music performed mainly on the electric guitar with Buckareff joining in 2005. The duo combines soundscape, electronics and atmospheric vocals with slow, epic riffs and dirge-like percussion, creating a slowly moving grand wall of music that has been described as drone, ambient-doom, and shoegazer-metal. Aidan noted that they prefer to call their style of music "ambient metal" or "ambient doom", though he's fond of the term "dreamsludge" as well."

(called off) 
decibels, capital r, riga, jazeps vitols, 2020

When: 9 - 14 March
Where: JVLMA Great Hall / Riga Art Space
How much: free admission - € 7.00
deciBels is a Contemporary Music Festival of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music taking place for the 6th time already! Mixing experimental, electroacoustic, ethnic and traditional expressions, deciBels still explores new realms into contemporary academic music - from chamber to choir. What's better - most of events are free to visit!

arms and sleepers, riga, capital r, concert, 2020

When: 10 March
Where: Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs
How much: from € 8.00
"For well over a decade, the American music duo, Arms and Sleepers, have explored trip-hop, electronica, ambient, hip-hop and subtle pop with deftness and grace. So it makes sense that a group, so familiar with exploring multiple sounds and styles, will kick off 2020 with their most ambitious and multifaceted project to date. The pair’s ninth studio album, SAFE AREA EARTH, will be the first of a six-part music series to be released throughout the year. This series will include 3 full-length albums and 3 EPs. Mirza Ramic from the duo explains it as “a highly conceptual project based in part on my childhood and teenage years of travelling the globe as a Bosnian refugee.”

super besse, capital r, riga, 2020

When: 20 March
Where: ONE ONE
How much: € 11.50
Even if you didn't understand Russian, this Joy Division-on-speed sound-alike duet from Belarus would steal your heart just like it did with many people in Latvia. Now "Super Besse are back with an unrecognisable sound and a new album Un Rêve, bringing in a new blend of low-frequency techno beats, bold straight bass, nervous guitar and distant vocals. The album contains songs with lyrics on existential topics, such as self-identification and reflection on the existence in our small world."

tallinas pagalms, capital r, riga, 2020

When: 20 March
Where: Tallinas pagalms
How much: € 2.00
"afterglow - noun [ C usually singular ]; UK  /ˈɑːf.tə.ɡləʊ/ - a pleasant feeling produced after an experience, event, feeling, etc. With the return of spring we present You the return of AFTERGLOW SESSIONS - the event series that will continue to introduce You to the realm of electronic music! This time there will be even more music, more dancing and more artists because we're taking over both floors of Tallinas Pagalms. This will be a magical night that You would not want to miss!"
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Episode #1 
(postponed to may or june) 
Pārmija, contemporary theatre, riga, capital r

When: 22 March
Where: Hanzas Perons
How much: € 20.00
""Pārmija" (railroad switch) offers episodes of contemporary performances in a one-day theatre festival that combines pleasures of high-quality art with an outstanding cultural space experience. In one episode – during one day – visitors have the opportunity to enjoy two excellent performances in theatre, music, art, and dance. The program includes both plays or performances made in Latvia that have only been shown to a small audience a few times so far, and internationally renowned content specially selected by “Homo Novus” International Festival of Contemporary Theatre. Between performances, viewers have the opportunity to engage in exciting conversations with the show’s creative teams.
On March 22, "Pārmija" will feature audio-visual motion play "Interview with Francis Bacon" by Laura Dišlere and Madara Dišlere, and most renowned Estonian choreographer Mart Kangro's contemporary theatre and dance performance "Past Perfect"."

tribes of the city, capital r, riga,

When: 25 March
Where: Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs
How much: € 6.00
After a well deserved slumber for 10 years, the most significant shoegaze-dreampop crew Tribes of the City returned with a new album that received booth alternative and popular awards for the best independent or alternative album. Also, the new album has been nominated for IMPALA's European Independent Album of the Year Award last year. Sometimes awards mean nothing. We can surely fortify the opposite - the album is worth it so is the band.

tesa, capital r, riga, control, concert, 2020

When: 28 March
Where: Nometņu 62 (entrance by the tower)
How much: donations-based
TESA is three-piece band mostly associated with post-metal and experimental metal genre. A band that has become one of the most successful of its kind not only in Latvia but also abroad, and now TESA will play a release show for their new album. "As the opening act, the guys will be accompanied by the very talented cello artist Sarma Gabrēna. Sarma's music is made of original experimental compositions, often in a very atmospheric way, including elements of drone and ambient."