EVENTS IN APRIL 2019. A useful shortlist

There is a big chance of nothing happening during a big chunk of April. At least - when meaning some contemporary events. Easter, falling on the second half of the warmest part of the least-warmest weather to come, will be spent by many somewhere off the city or on mini-vacations. Yet there are already more good things than ever going on before and after, so - here is the CAPITAL R list of events in Riga on April for wasting or, on the contrary, charging your energy around Easter and springtime!
When: 4 April - 28 June
Where: ISSP gallery & Latvian Museum of Photography
How much: free - €
"The Riga Photography Biennial is an international contemporary art event, focusing on the analysis of visual culture and artistic representation. The term ‘photography’ in the title of the biennial is used as an all-embracing concept encompassing a mixed range of artistic image-making practices that have continued to transform the lexicon of contemporary art in the 21 st century." Most of exhibitions opened for a month from 4 April.

 When: 6 April
Where: Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
How much: €€
If there is an avant-garde pop band, that is a must see any time when in town, XIU XIU and Jamie Steward ought to be that one name on top of many lists. Synthetically rhythmical, noisy, dark, a bit provocative, and addictive. The tickets are still available to a second time XIU XIU visit Riga.

 When: 7 April
Where: Zirgu ielas koncertzāle
How much: €€ - €€€
Although this is some sort of a secret concert, we sure want you to know about one of the most famous pianists-composers-artists there is to make one of the most beautiful, richest, minimalist sounds. Lubomyr Melnyk is a peer to Philip Glass and La Monte Young, and a God of continuous music, lulling all lost souls to a peaceful comeback.

 When: 10 April
Where: Palladium Riga
How much: €€€€
"Sascha Ring, better known as the accomplished DJ-producer and performer Apparat, returns in 2019 with his first album in six years. Since the announcement back in 2017 that his band Moderat - a joint project between himself and the German duo Modeselektor - would be taking an indefinite hiatus, the German musician has kept quiet about releasing any new music until now. Apparat's forthcoming album, titled 'LP5', is his first solo release since his album 'Krieg und Frieden' on Mute Records 5 years ago"

When: 12 - 13 April
Where: RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O
How much: free
"The second international Magnetic Latvia technology conference Deep Tech Atelier in Riga will gather science-based startups, research organizations, industry and government representatives, as well as technology enthusiasts." Though the event is for the tech industry, big part of its 700+ visitors are also enthusiasts and hobbyists, so - give it a try!

 When: 13 April
Where: Splendid Palace
How much: €€
"E.O.F.T. is coming to Riga with the most inspiring and thrilling adventure films of the year. This brand new programme is packed with inspiring short films from the great outdoors, breath-taking athletic feats and inspiring stories. E.O.F.T. is the most renowned outdoor adventure film event across Europe and is spreading globally. Unlike other tours, every film is hand-picked and especially edited and produced for the tour by a team of expert film makers."

 When: 13 April
Where: ONE ONE
How much: €€
"Roman Flugel is one of the biggest names in the German electronic music scene. Active since the early 1990's, Flugel is a chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/idm to house, techno, electro and leftfield." This April he is finally in Riga - accompanied by the local superstars Elvi Soulsystems and Kris Hovel, Flugel is a guy no dance music scene is ever completed without!
Boiler Room Live


When: 13 April
Where: Golden
How much:
"Klik Klak music series and the Live Electronik Musik festival Kontaktor are teaming up to offer you a night of audacious electronic music. The dark and misty dance floor will host Nene H, one of the most exciting acts in experimental and techno scene. Based in Berlin, she's hailed as part of a new generation that is pushing the genres forward. Her live act are showing her versatility between playing experimental sounds and techno beats as in Berlin Atonal, Berghain-CTM Festival, DeSchool Amsterdam."

 When: 19 - 21 April
Where: cross-country
How much: free, presumably
Let us get this clear. Yes, Easter is a Biblical name taking place on a Biblical date. BUT "The Great days" or (Lieldienas as translated in Latvian) are still very much related to the old Latvian ethnic celebration of coming of spring. A few people might go to church, but most will hop on swings out of prejudice so the mosquitoes don't bite them, or will wash their face in spring water, or will fight with or eat boiled and painted eggs. This is just one of the Baltic examples being able of mixing both their own ancient habits with something more Christian in a way of getting benefit of both! Most of cities and towns will have their own central celebrations, if you want to get something more fruitful - visit the Ethnographic museum of Latvia in Riga!

 When: 25 - 28 April
Where: Kino Bize
How much: € - €€
"(RPFF) is an annual documentary film festival that explores the intersections between cinema and ethnography. Held at the art-house cinema “Kino Bize” in the heart of Riga’s Art Nouveau district, the festival is intended as a space where practitioners and the general public can explore various aspects of the film-making process, visualising anthropology, and capabilities of cinema to convey an experience on its own terms."