EVENTS IN MARCH 2019. A useful shortlist.

March is a fairly peaceful month in Riga. The last ice of the Baltic Sea packs by the North-West coast of Latvia for people to visit and take identical selfies, and the first month of Spring brings in warmth and good vibes (hopefully). Getting outside and/or trying to sooth winter hangover takes a great chunk of our time, and what's left is occupied by extraordinary and special events and happenings.
Here is CAPITAL R's shortlist of top picks to cover that extraordinary sense of March in Riga presented with help by the old master Vilhelms Purvītis (1872 - 1945).

Within the Glass Labyrinth
When: until 17 March
Where: Riga Art Space 
How much:
"Each individual's path of life is exhilarating, at times eerie, at times deceptive, enticing and all-embracing labyrinth. The creative route of the glass sculptor Ernests Vītiņš (1984) has been a process of dead-ends, illusions and exploration. By striving for something unique, the artist discovered the glass layering technique, and since then he has systematically developed and improved his signature style. The motivation of the artist brought him to monumentalism, which is an unusual format in Latvian contemporary art. Artist Ernests Vītiņš (1984) has become more recognised in the recent years due to his grandiose, 22 ton, hand-made glass sculpture "In nature" in the Natural Sciences Center of the University of Latvia; the largest glass artwork in the Baltics."

When: all month (until 3 April)
Where: K.K. fon Stritzky villa
How much: free
"Please, don't stop" is the first exhibition in, possibly, Latvia's smallest exhibition hall mounted in the aisle of a window at the famous K.K. fon Stritzky villa venue. We could show you the exhibit by an artist duo Reinis & Krista Dzudzilo, but it is really as big as in the picture, so - you must go and visit it yourself!

When: 5 March
Where: ONE ONE
How much: €€€
Sheeet! GZA, one of founding members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan is coming to perform an "ultra intimate & ultra limited capacity show"! This is, for sure, THE event for many beat makers around the country!

Capital R
When: 6 - 9 March
Where: K.Suns 
How much: free (tickets must be picked up at the venue earlier)
Kino Kults in collaboration with the United States Embassy Latvia opens a retrospective of the most important USA indie films from the last decade. These are movies that created resonance in society, that launched many careers in Hollywood, that HAVE something to say to the audience, and that have never been on any large silver screen in Latvia!

Bolderāja lullabies
When: 7 March
Where: Bolderāja 
How much: free
Bolderāja is a fantastic bookstore + cafe we covered in our "best bookstores in Riga" article. They have many subcultural and undeground pop-up events very often, and we have managed to capture one of them finally! "My aim of selecting songs for the event was to avoid any excess sentiment related to duets, meanwhile uncovering the variety of relationship between two people. Not excluding bitter notes, but keeping a light and easy optimistic atmosphere. That's why the subtitle of this DJ-KICKS selection is from a song by a famous duet, David Bowie & Tina Turner: "Everything Will Be Allright Tonight", comments the evening master, local artist, curator, and musician Kaspars Groševs.

International Women's day 
Since Latvia is a Post-Soviet country, celebrating on 8 March was once compulsory - tulips, cakes and another load of Sagittarius kids being born in December. One can argue whether the Soviet International Women's day was important to equality and independence or really served just as another "have some fun, now back to work" day. But the remnants of this celebration here are still more powerful than in most of the "free world", and one just needs to wonder the Internet or streets for finding an 8 March-related events in the city. Because of the Women's day there are solid grounds cemented in Latvia for strong solidarity between fair sex when it's the most necessary. You go, girls!

capital r
When: 11 March
Where: Rīgas Kongresu nams
How much: €€€ - €€€€
If there anyone, literally anyone to see on stand-up stage before you die, Dylan Moran is definitely in TOP 3 bucket list. "He has been called the Oscar Wilde of comedy and his famed style - deadpan, witty and crackpot lyricism - promises to be an unmissable journey through his interpretations of the world, swerving cliché to offer a cutting blow to our idiosyncrasies. Dylan Moran is a comedian, actor and writer, who in 1996 at the Edinburgh Fringe became the youngest ever winner of the Perrier Award. He went on to co-write and star in Black Books which won two BAFTAs."

Yalessa Hall
capital r
When: 16 March
Where: Autentika
How much: € - €€
"The next Amber Muse’s [spek-truhm] night is all about that kind of techno you can't stop dancing to. We are happy to bring in one of the Amsterdam’s finest – Yaleesa Hall of Will & Ink label. He regularly works with Malin (Genie) and releases on Hypercolour as well."

Capablanca + Odopt
capital r
When: 16 March
Where: ONE ONE
How much:
"After celebrating their label night in Opium club, Berlin, both Hugo THE Capablanca and Grisha from Odopt are coming over to grace the sound system of our little music temple here. My relationship with Discos Capablanca started out with that beautiful CTyK No. 11 with the magical duo Olta Karawane who have released on the label. Then we found out that Hugo himself is actually a scholar of situationism which made his visit sort of inevitable. What we did not anticipate is that it will be so soon and that we will get to hear one half of Odopt too. Wonderful, I say. Let's have a beautiful one! – Elvi Soulsystems." World's most famous situationist Guy Debord's films will be screened in the Secret Room of the club throughout the night.

capital r
When: 20 - 24 March
Where: LKA Nacionālās filmu skola paviljons and Kino Bize
How much: €€€
"Experimental film festival Process is dedicated to analogue cinema, celebrating the physical medium of film in all its personal, adventurous and uncompromising forms. The first of a kind in the Baltics, for a third time Process will provide five days of film screenings, expanded cinema performances, lectures, discussions as well as two day workshop on the weekend before the festival on March 16 -17. This year the festival will focus on themes relating inner and outer limits of space, time, species and senses."

Find: for all 8 March events in your area we suggerst using Facebook events tab - there are plenty of nice concerts and screenings already.
What else: If you happen to be able to go to Cēsis on 16 March, you have to, you really have to try and make it to Kelsey Lu's concert.