ALL I GOT IS FIVE MINUTES. 360 degrees of the urban essence.

In 2013 a temporary installation "Waysides" by an artist and designer Rebecca Lowry was installed at Hopi Point Hermit Road Trail, South Rim, Grand Canyon. The "Panel responded to typical observed behavior of park visitors", as she commented at her artist's home page and welcomed to take "one minute, don't read, don't talk, no photos, just look.. and see".
For sure, there is no canyon in Rīga, but could there be such place in the city, where life passes before your eyes honestly and unmercifully?

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© Rebecca Lowry, 2013.

We have been using this "one minute" concept time to time for some years already. Not sure, where is it initially coming from, but the idea of pausing your life, indulging and grabbing the city by it's... time seemed like a good, unorthodox side activity in many projects, tours, etc. The concept fits with our own defined statement sometimes - "authenticity appears when you disappear" (read our comment on this posted earlier - look for the last question); meaning that, when being neutral and blending in while not interacting with the authentic flow of life and not affecting or upset locals, one can maintain this authenticity to proceed before your eyes becoming like a sort of algorithmic performance.
"Five minutes, don't ask, don't talk, don't think, no
photos, just look... and see,”
this was our version of the verse we adapted to our work. But here on CAPITAL R, for the very first time, we have expanded this experience to a new level of virtual world - sharing those five minutes with everybody around the globe.

Welcome to our special place - a pass-through with benches in front of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet with sometimes too many angles of how life in Rīga can be observed and how it performs before you. Whenever we feel like wasting time, we take a five minute break here to prove ourselves - in this place and on this bench no second is ever wasted.

So, take a look at this documentation (for best experience - use your smart phone), indulge into a random angle and, who knows, maybe there will be something else appearing from a different one the next time. Because it always does.

This post was born in a collaboration with Pēters Riekstiņš.


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