EVENTS IN SEPTEMBER 2018. A useful shortlist.

Alas, September, you are too cruel to us. Since the beginning of time you have been the busiest month of all, packing schools with kiddos, streets and places with students, and venues with mad amount of events.
Yet CAPITAL R knows your tricks and trades. So here is our TOP 10 shortlist of the most interesting event picks for September to help you orientate among all push notifications.

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When: 4 September
Where: Kaņepes kultūras centrs
The local stand-up community "Comedy Latvia" will kick off their Autumn season with Jamali Maddix! The critically acclaimed comedian and host of Viceland’s Hate Thy Neighbour, Jamali Maddix is embarking on his first World Tour, and it will begin in Rīga! He’ll be bringing brutally honest and unflinching material on the state of society along with personal tales from his travels around the world of hate and moral confrontation.

When: 6 - 30 September
Where: Rīgas Cirks
In its 10th year the contemporary arts forum Survival Ki turns to the investigation of the concept of outlands, questioning the traditional division of geopolitical and cultural space into centre and periphery, shedding light on the complex construction of identity. Outlands are not always geographical, they can be any territory characterised by a complex politico-economic situation which makes them more difficult to reach both literally and metaphorically. Thus, although physical distances from Riga are similar, Western Countries are much more accessible and attractive than Kiev, Bucharest or Ljubljana, with which we share our recent history. Through the subject of Outlands, the festival also looks at the locally and internationally significant issue of global migration, which has brought to the forefront a row of other problems: racism, growing right-wing nationalism and intolerance towards difference. This year, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Riga, the exhibition created within Survival Kit festival in Riga circus, has been titled "Leer|Stelle—Empty Space".

When: 6 - 12 September
Where: various locations
“About the human in nature and the nature in a human and what remains after the human is gone” – this is how the director Krista Burāne describes the programme of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus” in her Twitter account. Having become an annual event, the festival this year, along with a programme of guest performances, is also presenting seven new works, while it populates the Pārdaugava neighbourhood of Riga and has its central stage on the new Dirty Deal Teatro premises along with the Eduarda Smiļģa Theatre Museum.

Youandewan, Junes
When: 7 September
Where: ONE ONE
After a long pause, Pencilhaus is back with series of events promoting underground house music in Rīga. With carefully chosen location and artist line-up Pencilhaus is aiming for the rebirth of local nightlife. In September "Pencilhaus returns with a double bill! Scottish Berliner and a Berliner Berliner. Two of the most talented producers of subtle elegance and detail. We are sure both will deliver a class on our – let's be honest – state-of-the-art sound system."

White Night
When: 8 September
Where: everywhere
For the 13th year the contemporary culture forum White Night 2018 will be offering more than 40 various contemporary art and cultural events during the evening and night.
White Night has become an essential part of Riga’s cultural calendar. The programme will include art pieces, concerts, installations and performances in urban environment, exhibitions, multimedia projects, poetry readings and movie programmes. More than 20 initiative projects will add up to the programme organised by art galleries, cafes, art and culture studies and other active inhabitants of Riga.
All events can be attended free of charge and are hosted in different parts of the city. The most active locations this year are in and near the Old Town, Miera street, the Centre of Riga as well as the left bank of River Daugava.
The White Night (Nuit Blanche) tradition was started in 2002 in Paris and it spread like a positive epidemic to Brussels, Rome and Madrid, with Riga as one of the early adopters, too.

When: 15 September
Where: Tu jau Zini Kur
The local musician of eclectic and adventurous dance music Mr. Myster is presenting his new work H O N E Y S T O R E consisting of "hard breaks, deep honey bass and buzzing stings".

When: 21 September - 18 November
Where: kim?
"At the heart of BT13’s final chapter taking place at Kim? Riga there are the live components, which continue the BT13’s eagerness to foster audience engagement and blur the lines in between the exhibition format and other types of spectacles – whether private or public – such as a club, a reading salon and a cabaret.
Within Ben Burgis and Ksenia Pedan’s dystopian landscape at Kim? and across other venues in Riga, the Live Programme for BT13 – Riga will specifically operate in between melancholy and celebration as a way to close the Triennial, a swan song turning into disco beats. The series of programmed performances, screenings, music and readings will play on that thin line of ambiguous sentimentalism, to eventually question the way we belong to our own feelings and how we say goodbye. 
Baltic Triennial 13 celebrates the Centennial of the restored Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia."

When: 21 September
Where: Noliktava No3 (Pan Cars)
One of the dopest beat and hop scene meets up in this antique industrial space for the most skilled hip-hop performer in the world probably - Blabbermouf (NL)!

Opening of the 13th Season
When: 21 September
Where: Lielā Ģilde
"The concert brings a musical pearl from Latvia, the reunion with a Finnish genius of contemporary music and a classical standard. Fierce passion, contrasting affects with a baroque glimmer and rhythmic vitality intertwine in Jānis Ivanovs' elegant masterpiece Sinfonietta. With his opus Joy Magnus Lindberg asserts his grand-master's credit, engaging in an exuberant play with acoustic and electronic soundscapes, sweeping away the audience with the magnificent combinations. The soloist for Ludwig van Beethoven's majestic and lyrical Piano Concerto No. 5 will be one of the most acclaimed pianists of our time, Yevgeny Sudbin. His performance has been compared to the volcanic power of Vladimir Horowitz. It is very likely that critic's prediction will turn out to be true, and Sudbin will become one of the greatest pianists of the 21st century."

When: 29 - 30 September
Where: Riga Plaza
For those who love the world-famous board game Catan, these two days will be a honeymoon on earth. "In the first day every participant will play 4 games. In the second day the TOP 32 will play the play-offs. After each play-off round half of the participants will leave the competition, thus leaving 4 players for game four or the Big Final. Other participants will have chance to either play friendly games or participate in small championship of other games (to be specified later)."

What else: Don't miss a chance to visit all venues of RIBOCA - the very first International arts Biennial in the Baltic states representing works of more than 100 artists! The Biennial will be open all month until the end of October, so you can visit its 8 venues with a single ticket + there will be 19 events in the public programme this month!
NB: If you have time to leave Rīga for a day or two - don't miss going to Liepāja at 29 September. The Icelandic grand Ben Frost & Daniels Bjarnason's - Solaris suite will be taking place at Lielais Dzintars concerthall with the composers in present. Listeners will "a journey into the internal world, into the self, a flux of wonder, horror, sorrow and tenderness, and a ravishing sensory experience - a unique collaboration inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky's science fiction film Solaris".