EVENTS IN OCTOBER 2018. A useful shortlist.

"The Ghost - Veļi Month", as called by our ancestors, or October, was the time of the year, when Latvians finished gathering their harvest and shared a bit of it with souls of their relatives paying a visit and being one-year hungry for some bread crust. Now, while Veļi are feasting, Latvians get out and hit the streets for another month of events madly packed one after another before we get back to upholstering our hibernation nests - after all, winter is coming (No, Jon Snow).
Here's our second TOP 10 shortlist this year of the most interesting event picks with a price range (from 1-5) in October to help you orientate among all the push notifications.

RIXC Festival
Global control and Censorship
When: until 21 October
Where: The National Library of Latvia
How much: free
RIXC is a New Media Culture Centre curating adventurous, fresh exhibitions and running new media art education and research processes for more than 20 years. “This exhibition is based on the collaboration with a network of scientists, journalists, activists, and artists in some twenty countries around the world, and in cooperation with expert organizations such as the German PEN Center, the Chaos Computer Club, Reporters Without Borders, and such platforms as,, WikiLeaks, and others. The aim of “Global control” is to expand public debate about the ever-present surveillance and censorship methods, which is an urgent priority not only due to constant new reports in the media, but especially because of the extensive obstruction of the investigation of these practices.”

Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art
riboca, riga art biennal, capital r
When: until 28 October
Where: various locations around the city
How much:
RIBOCA is the very first Urban Arts Biennial in the Baltic States uniting more than 100 artists and has been running the whole Summer. “Taking the rich history of Riga and the Baltic states as its underlying framework, the Biennial highlights the artistic landscape of the wider region and creates opportunities for artists to enter into dialogue with the cultural, historical and socio-political context of the city and its geographic surrounds.” Don’t miss the last month, look for the special events, and visit venues before the event is over this year!

skins, latvian museum of medicine, capital r
When: until 21 December
Where: Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine
How much:
People with low capabilities of their system, think twice before entering this exhibition! “This restored collection of tattooed skin is a rare and unusual evidence of the tradition of tattooing in Latvia during the late 19thand early 20thcentury. After looking at the fragments of tattooed skin that feature ships, anchors, steering wheels, unusual creatures and naughty little scenes, the curator of this exhibition decided that tattoos store memories, helping the person and others to know who the person was, where he was and what he did.”

When: 6; 12 - 13 October
Where: Rīgas Birža art museum (6.10.), "Daile" music house (12 - 13.10)
How much: €€
"Sound Forest" is a festival of adventurous (innovative, experimental, avant-garde, etc.) music and is always a-must visit. It takes place every Autumn since 2003. Proposing that all forms of modern music have an experimental dimension, there is always a wide variety of musical genres represented at the festival – from electro-acoustic, free improvisation, contemporary composition and noise to interesting shifts in dance, hip-hop and rock or metal music. This year "Skaņu Mežs" will host such stunning names like "Sonic Youth's" Thurston Moore, Grouper, William Basinski, N1L, and more, more, more.

riga comm, kipsala exhibition hall, capital r
When: 11 - 12 October
Where: International Exhibition Centre Ķīpsala
How much: €€
Although it seems like an event for tech-nerds, "RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event - exhibition to encourage modernization of companies, organizations, state and municipal institutions for more effective operation." Therefore the content of the event is suitable for both entrepreneurs and executives of all fields, and enthusiasts and total tech-noobs, too!

autumn chamber music festival, capital riga, capital r, events in riga october
When: 11 - 20 October
Where: various locations in Rīga and Jūrmala
How much: €€
"This is the most notable and long-living chamber music festival in Latvia. Since 1993 there have been concerts taking place both in Rīga and elsewhere around the country. The Autumn Chamber Music Festival seeks to implement the best Vienna and Salzburg traditions in Latvia, and the keyword is ‘refinement’. The motto of the events is tête-à-tête – ‘a private conversation’ in French, emphasizing the uniquely intimate chamber atmosphere and the very special dialogue that takes place between the audience and musicians. The festival provides stylistically diverse programmes ranging from classic tunes to jazz, including innovative multimedia projects and unconventional performance."

gus gus, palladium, capital r
When: 13 October
Where: Palladium (entrace from Pērses street)
How much: €€€
"Latvians have a very special bond with Icelandic music, and GusGus are a special part of this chain. GusGus' 10th studio album “Lies Are More Flexible” (2018) includes eight tracks of introspective, euphoric and progressive dance music, proofing a continuous development of the band, but at the same time allowing unmistakably recognize their typical signature. GusGus have always afforded themselves experiments with different kinds of electronic and dance music styles and this album is no exception - you will find a diverse amplitude from Italo Disco to progressive house music."

mac demarco, palladium riga, capital r
When: 17 October
Where: Palladium (entrace from Pērses street)
How much: €€€€
This fella is one of our personal all-time favourites and we strongly suggest visiting his concert if you have any fun and soul left. “Marc Demarco has often been called one of the most interesting and unique personalities in today's music world, someone who doesn't conform to the boundaries set by the music industry, but instead does whatever he feels like. Whether it is walking on hands on stage in the middle of a song or an extraordinary media announcement during an interview, the musician has always stayed true to himself and his listeners thus having a big crowd of fans.”

When: 17 - 21 October
Where: various locations
How much: €€ - €€€
"6th International Riga a Cappella Festival will feature high-quality internationally recognized artists, concerts and master classes, with specially designed musical projects presenting the world's most prominent vocal music performers, ensembles and choirs. Riga A Cappella festival is implemented in order to promote excellence and high achievements in music, to develop and promote singing a Cappella in Latvia."

Riga International Film Festival
When: 18 – 31 October
Where: five venues around the city
How much:
RIGA IFF has a long history of gathering an intelligent and exciting selection of many mini festivals in one - feature films, documentaries, shorts, kids programme and network villages for professionals. Pick your session, enjoy good cinema and RIFF’s distinctive home-made visual identity!

What else: October seems to be a slow-down-your-horses month for the Latvian mentality, but it definitely isn't for classical music. So many orchestras and halls are opening their season in October that we couldn't put all on the top 10. Hence a special sublist for CLASSICAL MUSIC fans:
  • Andris Nelsons. Gewandhausorchester - 3 selected performances at Latvian National Opera and Ballet. €€€€€+
  • The independent Latvian National Opera and Ballet repertoire, of course. €€
  • Season opening of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra. Vasks' premiere and Bruckner's Sixth at Lielā Ģilde. €€€
  • Sinfonietta Riga + Matthew Barley. Jančevskis' TRAKĀS DIENAS, Adams' FEARFUL SYMMETRIES and Bosc's silent movie Buster at VEF Culture Palace. €€ 
NB: If you have a chance travelling out of Rīga, don't miss "Zemlika" - an annual music, art and harvest festival in Durbe taking place on 19 - 20 October. A great selection of alternative, subcultural and experimental music + special act of art and cinema. The web page speaks in Latvian, but so does Google translate.