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DZĪVESZIŅA - the Latvian answer to Danish hygge or Finnish sisu.

10 EVENTS IN RIGA IN JUNE 2022. A useful shortlist.

SOUNDS LIKE LATVIA. Your favourite shuffle of the best Latvian music this decade.

LIFE ON MARS. National security over a historical landscape: a chronology of the Marsa park saga. UPDATED. 31.09.2020.

ONLY PRACTITIONERS LEFT ALIVE. Interview: thoughts on diversity, intangible, and living cultural heritage.

EVENTS IN NOVEMBER, 2019. A useful shortlist. UPDATED 06.11.2019

URBAN PREACHING TO NEWBORNS. A one-year anniversary letter for the future.

TWO STORIES OF MEMORIES AND HOPE. Celebrating lost and returning people in Riga. Pt.1

LOSING "URBAN VIRGINITY". Entering Midsummer celebration in Riga Pt.1.

METRO HAS NO FUTURE, BUT METRO IS THE ANSWER. An essay on a never built undeground.

PARKS AND RECREATION. The past, present and future of the Victory day curse in Riga.

GRIEVING OUTSIDER. How to commemorate an absent deportation trauma.

BRAVE NEW MAN. On archetypical masculinity and searching for empathy.

CONFESSIONS OF A BETRAYER. How Latvian are we really to celebrate the National Independence? Pt.1

TEN FILMS AND NO FUNERAL. Best Latvian movies premiered around the Centenary.

"OUR HOMES ARE US OURSELVES IN OUR HANDS". The true philosophy behind Art Nouveau and National Romanticism in Rīga.

VOTE, VOTE, OTHERWISE WE'RE LOST. Why the election of 2018 matters.