In 28 August, 2018 CAPITAL R was launched. A new, hopefully long-lasting web-gazette writing about life in our beloved city Rīga in English.

During the last 10 years of working in tourism and creative industries from low-till-high end we realized there is no honest source of frequent combination of contemporary up-to-date stories, information, reviews, advice, critics, humour, and essays on art, design, politics, street life and subcultures around Rīga for NON-LATVIAN readers.

When living in Iceland I got positively jealous of "The Reykjavik Grapevine" - although partly packed with advertisements, the core content was sympathetically, yet sometimes critically reflecting on all shapes of rise an fall of the Icelandic life thus serving as a decent newspaper and bringing the local identity and worldviews closer to international visitors.

CAPITAL R will be trying to follow similar steps of 5-minute core information shared for those, who want to understand Rīga better and get more inspiration, yet spend optimal time per text when on road or drinking their morning coffee. We will sport some more adventurous and creative multimedia posts as well as commission work, yet there will be carefully and unmercifully selected customers.

Still we CAN'T promise there's going to be no cat photos.

Therefore, we invite you to like our Facebook page and follow on Instagram or Pinterest, where links to our texts will drop now and then, and we definitely invite you to share us through your foreign groups / channels / friend lists / students working or studying in LV (Erasmus groups etc.), so they can enjoy every text from CAPITAL R and learn more about Rīga by trying to understand our humour, and who knows, one day visit us or never leave.

P.S. CAPITAL R is open for suggestions - what would you like to read about? What would you like to see being told to your foreign friends? And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, would you like to be our client so we can share a story about you? If yes, contact us via social media or email.

Capitally yours,

Mārtiņš Eņģelis