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DZĪVESZIŅA - the Latvian answer to Danish hygge or Finnish sisu.

10 EVENTS IN RIGA IN AUGUST 2022. A useful shortlist!

SOUPINATION. Latvians and their love for soups.

#15URBANMINUTES. Lunching a new urban literary project.

MY OWN PRIVATE BANANA REPUBLIC. How the opening of Lidl showed Latvia is still stuck.

THE DEVIL OF IĻGUCIEMS. A post-soviet urban legend of Riga still alive!

THE HAND OF A THIEF. 9 funny and mysterious legends of Riga.

BEST PLACES TO DIE IN RIGA. The story of the most macabre locations in town.

HOUSEHOLD NOMAD. Coronavirus diaries by an armchair traveller.

STAY AT HOME. Latvia in the news then and now. Pt.2 - six steps to avoid epidemic in 1920.

NO APOLOGIES. Being a contemporary woman in contemporary Riga.

THINGS WITH FACES. Latvian new year and masking celebration in Art Nouveau style.

EVENTS IN NOVEMBER, 2019. A useful shortlist. UPDATED 06.11.2019

NOT COOL. On Post-Soviet asshole habits to burning old grass.

NO LOVE. Best ways to ruin your Valentine's in Riga.

WHILE THE POPE'S NOT WATCHING. Blasphemous things to do on the "Papal Holiday".

"S" IS FOR SAUSAGE. The legend of Latvian hot-douge