There would never be any CAPITAL R at all, if we never spent 10+ years, running several thousands of alternative tours in Riga, or never were into tour designing and contemporary tourism developing.  From September 2019 we have relaunched our services of urban exploration in Riga with two offer packages looking into wandering off-the beaten paths:

capital r, capital riga, Mārtiņš Eņģelis


a) tourism practice. Along regular inquiries in English or Latvian, CAPITAL R provides alternative tours, expeditions, workshops, WALKshops and other storytelling solutions in and about Riga, deeply concentrating on the creative industry fields we know the best:
art world
urban activism
b) tourism theory. CAPITAL R have spent mad amounts of time to digging deep trenches into alternative tourism and its tendencies, tourism critique and tour designing, as well as have spend years working with contemporary tourism development at a national level. If any of the given topics appeal to you for the same lecture, workshop, seminar or walkshop purpose - we are the right guys you need.

If we speak your mind - please, contact martins[@]engelis.lv.

Rīgas zīme, CAPITAL R, Riga city letters sign, 2019

We also run the exclusive Riga Road Trips - a real city safari day tours by car for up to 3 people, mixing all the mentioned creative industries with history, industrial areas, nature experiences and a lousy game of checkers. Personal touch guaranteed!
If you dare - please inquiry at rigaroadtrips[@]gmail.com.

"Each one of us represents a story, but our stories need focus and context. CAPITAL R are passionate urban storytellers with great experience working with city organisations, including us, and helping to form more knowledgeable visitors and more responsible Rigans."
Gvido Princis - Riga City Architect.
"Despite the cold and gloomy weather during our visit to Riga in February, the tour, tailored to our needs, brought the city and its stories to life. Avoiding the usual routes, it opened the door to a whole series of unexpected and unique new highlights."
Hans Venhuizen - Department Head of Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE), The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).
"...There are only a few matches to their erudition and knowledge of the history of Riga and it's culture (and particularly cinema), especially to the ways and techniques this knowledge is made available to others."
Agnese Logina, Curator of Riga Film Museum